Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vmware Interview Questions

  1. Explain about your production environment? How many cluster’s, ESX, Data Centers, H/w etc ?
  2. How does VMotion works? What’s the port number used for it?
  3. Prerequisites for VMotion
  4. How does HA works? Port number? How many host failure allowed and why?
  5. What are active host / primary host in HA? Explain it?
  6. Prerequisites for HA ?
  7. How do DRS works? Which technology used? What are the priority counts to migrate the VM’s?
  8. How does snap shot’s works?
  9. What are the files will be created while creating a VM and after powering on the VM?
  10. If the VMDK header file corrupt what will happen? How do you troubleshoot?
  11. Prerequisites VC, Update manager?
  12. Have you ever patched the ESX host? What are the steps involved in that?
  13. Have you ever installed an ESX host?  What are the pre and post conversion steps involved in that? What would be the portions listed? What would be the max size of it?
  14. I turned on Maintenance mode in an ESX host, all the VM’s has been migrated to another host, but only one VM failed to migrate? What are the possible reasons?
  15. How will you turn start / stop a VM through command prompt?
  16. I have upgraded a VM from 4 to 8 GB RAM; it’s getting failed at 90% of powering on? How do you troubleshoot?
  17. Storage team provided the new LUN ID to you? How will you configure the LUN in VC? What would be the block size (say for 500 GB volume size)?
  18. I want to add a new VLAN to the production network? What are the steps involved in that? And how do you enable it?
  19. Explain about VCB? What it the minimum priority (*) to consolidate a machine?
  20. How VDR works?
  21. What’s the difference between Top and ESXTOP command?
  22. How will you check the network bandwidth utilization in an ESXS host through command prompt?
  23. How will you generate a report for list of ESX, VM’s, RAM and CPU used in your Vsphere environment?
  24. What the difference between connecting the ESX host through VC and Vsphere? What are the services involved in that? What are the port numbers’s used?
  25. How does FT works? Prerequisites? Port used?
  26. Can I VMotion between 2 different data centers? Why?
  27. Can I deploy a VM by template in different data centers ?
  28. I want to increase the system partition size (windows 2003 server- Guest OS) of a VM? How will you do it without any interruption to the end user?
  29. Which port number used while 2 ESX transfer the data in between?
  30. Unable to connect to a VC through Vsphere client? What could be the reason? How do you troubleshoot?
  31. Have you ever upgraded the ESX 3.5 to 4.0? How did you do it?
  32. What are the Vsphere 4.0, VC 4.0, ESX 4.0, VM 7.0 special features?
  33. What is AAM? Where is it used? How do you start or stop through command prompt?
  34. Have you ever called VMWare support? Etc
  35. Explain about Vsphere Licensing? License server?
  36. How will you change the service console IP?
  37. What’s the difference between ESX and ESXi?
  38. What’s the difference between ESX 3.5 and ESX 4.0?


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    Explain about your production environment? How many cluster’s, ESX, Data Centers, H/w etc ?

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